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The Jade Chronicles (1st Chapter).

2009-06-28 04:03:54 by Monocrom


The Jade Chronicles are a series of individual short stories based on the character of Jade, from my novel "5 Kings." You don't have to read the novel to enjoy The Jade Chronicles. (But it helps). In this case, chapters are not connected to each other as they would be in a typical novel. Each chapter is one complete short story, and yes; this chapter was the very first one I planned for The Jade Chronicles.

I'm still not a fan of posting stories on my User Page. And I make no promises as to whether or not there will be more chapters in these Chronicles. (Also, I know the proper format should be, "The Chronicles of Jade." But I like it better the other way). I'm posting this chapter as a Birthday present to our very own JadeTheAssassin. So go thank her and wish my favorite Muse a Happy Birthday.

The Jade Chronicles begins 1 year after the end of my "5 Kings" novel.


"Of White and Pink."
--- --- --- --- --- ---

Mr. Turner waited patiently under the bridge. He was a young man, no older than 21. His 3-piece suit seemed out of place for his age. And, he was early as usual. The large-breasted young woman waited quietly a few yards away, near the car. The night air was cool, with a small trickle of rain. He noticed something a bit odd that seemed to be slowly coming closer. As the little girl approached, Mr. Turner smiled at her.

{One week earlier}

Robert Andrews was escorted into the Control Room by two soldiers. He had been awoken only a half hour earlier. The General would have been happy to let him sleep, but the cranky old General respected the chain of command. And he was commanded to keep Mr. Andrews in the loop... Especially when First Contact was about to be made. That particular event was only a few minutes away.

"Good morning Andrews. Nice of you to join us." Said the General, rather sarcastically.

"Spare me, General. I'm just here to make sure your toy soldiers don't screw up." Replied Andrews.

"My men know what they're doing. They're the best I've got."

"They better be... This subject is very different than the others we're used to dealing with." Said Andrews.

"I seriously doubt that. Just another vampire. There's what... nearly 200 in storage? Don't worry, we'll get this one tagged & bagged in just a few minutes."

"This one is very special. Not ferral, not confused, not feeding on rats or homeless beggars..." Said Andrews.

"We've captured some intelligent ones before. My men are fully aware of the fact that they're not hunting a wild kitten. But what is it about this one that makes her so special. A high-ranking vampire in their disgusting community? Well, we've captured a handful of those too."

"No. This one has Queen's blood running through her veins." Said Andrews, with a smile.

"So she's a collector's item. Is that it?"

"General, we have never captured a Queen or any of their ladies-in-waiting, for lack of a better description. Only one, private, vampire hunter ever captured a Queen... with horrific results. We have no samples of Queen's blood. All we have are confirmed reports that Queens can easily walk in daylight. Those females who do have Queen's blood in their veins, they can walk in sunlight for limited time before their skin starts to blister. If we can get a sample of their blood, we might come up with a biological agent that can wipe out the protection that this special blood offers." Explained Andrews.

"Just out of curiosity, why don't more vampires have this special blood in their veins?" Asked the General.

"We believe it is due to their culture. Only certain vampires enjoy the undiluted version. Those who might one day become Queens themselves. Once that happens, they get the pure form from...."

"Oh please! Do you actually believe that nonsense?! A living vampire God?? Alive for thousands of years. Predicting the destiny of all other vampires. Working behind the scenes. Only seen by Queens themselves. One of the very first vampires. Well where did he come from, if all that nonsense is true? And why hasn't he wiped out every single human so that his race of vampires could rule the Earth?" Replied the General.

"Because we are food to them, General. Would you go around shooting every single cow you saw, in the head? You'd have a hard time enjoying a good steak after that." Said Andrews.

The General was not amused by the comment. Before things became more tense, one of the soldiers in the Control Room reported that the assault team was about to make contact with the subject. The General stood on top of a small, raised platform in the middle of the room. Just above him were several monitors. Most were split-screen, allowing him to see what each operator saw in front of his own, individual monitor. The soldiers who manned the monitors were arranged in a semi-circle. Each one was hand-picked by the General. Each a trusted professional working in the special U.S. government's vampire-hunting unit.

One of the soldiers adjusted his ear-piece. The assault team climbed out of the large Chevy van, and headed down into the subway station near Battery Park; at the ass end of Manhattan. The 1 train was running a few minutes behind. This was not good. Although the team was dressed in black, just like a S.W.A.T team. They bore no law-enforcement markings. The last thing they needed was some nosey, night-owl of a Manhattanite to come down into the Rector street station and start asking a shitload of stupid questions.

It was something that other assault teams only had to deal with once in a rare while, in other parts of the nation. But working in New York City, it was a constant issue. If spotted, the team had to either get rid of curious Manhattanites who had nothing better to do but bug the teams with stupid questions. Or, paranoid Manhattanites who thought that another terror attack was about to unfold right in front of them. The former was much more common, and harder to deal with than the latter.

Tonight was another matter though. Capturing this vampire was deemed far too important to abort the mission for any reason at all. If an idiot Mahattanite wondered into the station before contact, the team was to physically remove him or her from the scene. If contact had been made with the vampire, a handful of civilian casualties was deemed acceptable. This small number of acceptable losses is why the team was operating more out in the open than usual. The fact that the subject often rode the subway trains into Battery Park, near 1am; was a big help to the team.

The commanding officer of the assault team was Major White. A tall, slender, Black man in his early 40's; Major White had captured only two other vampires previously. But he was a respected leader among his men. He took his usual team with him. Lars, Henrikson, Alvarez, DeWitt, and Collins. Alvarez was the only woman on the team. She was a fierce soldier, and easy on the eyes. The team was armed with special ammo. Lead bullets dipped in a very thin coating of silver. Very effective against vampires. Designed to incapacitate, rather than kill. It always took multiple shoots to incapacitate even a weak vampire. The element of surprise was critical! Surprise the subject, overwhelm him with bullets, wait for him to pass out, cage him, then transport him to "The Nursery."

The men checked their M4s. All except for Lars, he preferred his Heckler & Koch MP5. And he was the best shot on the team. Each team member wore a helmet cam. Each cam had its own monitor back at the Control Room. White's helmet cam had a two-way radio built in. The soldier monitoring his movements could communicate with Major White... and so could the General. White adjusted his ear-piece before breaking radio silence.

"Where is the damn train?!" Shouted White.

"Train should arrive in one minute. Subject known to ride in first train car." Responded the soldier monitoring White's cam.

Collins was ordered upstairs to watch for civilians. The rest of the team got into position. They spread out as best they could, in a semi-circle; in order to avoid any cross fire.

The train pulled into the station. Typically, at 1am, it was usually empty. Any poor civilian who got out tonight, at the Rector street station, wouldn't live to see the sunrise. At the far end of the platform, the team raised their weapons as the doors on the side of the train opened. Sure enough, someone walked out of the first train car.

"Hold your fire! Hold your fire!" Shouted Major White.

"What's going on out there, Major?!" Shouted the General.

"Subject was not on board the train, General. I repeat, no contact with the subject." Replied White.

"No contact? That's impossible! Subject is on that train. We have confirmation from our agents that subject is on that train!" Shouted the General.

"Negative. Only one person got off the train, and it is not the subject. It's a little girl." Replied White.

"Well get her the Hell out of there, and search that damn train!" The General commanded.

"Little girl??..." Andrews said to himself, before realizing what had happened.

"General! Tell White to open fire! The little girl is the subject!" Shouted Andrews.

"What? That's impossible. The subject couldn't possibly be mistaken for a little girl." Replied the General.

"It's something called Glamour. Some vampires have the ability. Warn the team! That's not a little girl!"

"White, open fire! Open fire on the girl!... White?!... Can you hear me??... Dammit, respond! Respond NOW!!"

The General turned to the soldier who was monitoring White's cam.

"Soldier! What the Hell is going on?? I've lost radio contact!"

"Sorry Sir, his radio cut out. I don't know why." Responded the soldier.

"Fix it! Those men are in danger!" Shouted the General.

As the soldier began trying to find the problem, the cams continued to roll.

White began slowly approaching the little girl. She looked no older than 8 or 9. He had his weapon down by his side. The doors to the train closed, but the train itself didn't leave the station. She was dressed in a little pink outfit with a large pink bow in her hair. It looked like a party-dress that any little girl would wear to a tea party. In her hands, she clutched a raggedy old Teddy Bear in front of her. It looked like it had gone through a wood-chipper, and then someone Frankensteined it back together again. She tucked in her chin, as White got closer.

"Hey Sweetie. Don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay. Are you lost? My friends and I can help you get home. Do you know where you live? Your address."

The Teddy Bear fell from her hands. She stared down at it, and looked as though she was about to cry. White knelt down in front of her, placing his weapon on the subway platform, by his side. He gently picked up the Teddy Bear, and handed it to her. She smiled a bit, and hugged it.

Just then, radio contact was re-established!

"White!... Come in!" Shouted the General.

"Sir, we have a lost girl. She needs..."

"That's not a lost girl! That's the subject! Open fire! Do it now!" Shouted the General.

"Sir, this is not the subject. She's far too young." Replied White.

"Don't question my orders, Major! I said open fire!"

"No Sir! I will not open fire on a little girl! Replied White.

"That's very nice of you... and very noble." Replied Jade.

In the blink of an eye, the little girl before him was transformed into an older teenager. The pink dress grew in size to accomidate the larger frame, and the added curves of Jade's actual body.

"Please forgive me." Said Jade, sheepishly... right before she hit White in the side of the head with the back of her fist!

He went down quickly. Seeing what had happened, White's team opened fire on Jade! She reached down, grabbed White's M4, and threw it with all her might like a spear! The barrel caught Lars in the throat. As he fell over, with the barrel of the M4 still sticking out of his throat, the men inside the Control Room got a good look at the ceiling of the subway station. Alvarez, who standing right next to Lars, swore that Jade had been directly aiming for him. Alvarez couldn't believe what she was seeing! But she recovered quickly enough to keep firing.

Besides Glamour, Jade had also developed much faster reflexes. Not all vampires aquire the same abilities. Many only get one ability. Jade avoided many of the bullets because her faster reflexes caused the bullets to appear to travel much more slowly than they did to the assault team. However, their automatic weapons and the sheer number of bullets the three soldiers were laying down, meant that Jade couldn't avoid all of the bullets. She took several shots to the chest and stomach.

Collins came running back down the stairs. With his weapon out in front of him, ready to fire; Jade grabbed it by the barrel and wrenched it out of his hands! With her claws out in an instant, she dug them into his ballistic vest; all the way down into his chest. She then pulled him in front of her, and used him as a human shield while advancing on the three remaining members of the team. They begain to panic, and just kept on shooting.

"What the Hell are they doing?!" Shouted the General.

Jade decided to run forward! She crashed into the team with Collins still attached to her hands. His dead body made for a surprising good battering ram. Jade was the first to her feet. She retracted her claws, and Collins fell from her grip. Jade kicked their M4s behind her. The three remaining team members got up and decided to fall back. If they could reach the stairs, perhaps they could get away! Something had gone horribly wrong! Jade should have been neutralized already. Despite having avoided many of their rounds, she took more than enough hits to put down even a strong vampire. Yet she was still coming!

Alvarez had a Kabar knife that was stripped of its black coating, and then coated in silver. It was her prized weapon. Cost her a great deal of money. Definitely not standard issue. Since the bullets weren't having an effect, Alvarez drew her knife. The 7-inch blade looked much bigger than it was. The key to being successful with a knife is a combination of speed and determination. Some idiots think it's about accuracy. But at the speeds that real knife encounters take place, accuracy is as real as two gay men getting each other pregnant. Alvarez knew the key... What she didn't know is that Jade's faster reflexes made Alvarez look like she was going in slow motion. Jade could see every little movement. Every stab was easily avoided.

When Jade had had enough of "stabbity stab," she decided to play with the other team members. A quick slice across the throat was the end of Alvarez. Jade respected her determination and fighting spirit. It earned Alvarez a quick death. One of the other two would not be so lucky. DeWitt had managed to draw his Sig-Sauer. The weapon was also loaded with the silver-coated bullets. He caught Jade off-guard. The bullet slamming into her face. She went down... But immediately got back up! The only thing DeWitt had managed to do was seriously piss off an already angry and insane vampire. Jade's eyes glowed red, her fangs extended, blood pouring out of her left cheek. When the NYPD found the bodies a few hours later, DeWitt would be found not just dead; but missing both arms & legs... and his penis. A policewoman would discover it a few yards down the tracks. Made all the easier to find thanks to the flashlight her boyfriend gifted her when she graduated from the police academy. (A Surefire 6P with a Malkoff M60 Lamp assembly).

When Henrikson saw the monster full of rage coming towrds him, he took the easy way out. A silver-coated .9mm under the chin will do a lot more to a human than just slow him down.

All of this was clearly seen by everyone in the Control Room. The soldiers dutifully continued to man their posts, despite the fact that there really wasn't much to do... Considering there was no one on the other end walking around with a cam on their helmet.

Mr. Andrews and the General said nothing to each other. The General's assault team had failed to capture a valuable prize. There was no need to say anything. As Andrews turned to leave, the sound of a little girl's voice filled the Control Room. Jade had gotten a hold of Major White's ear-piece.

"Hello General. Just wanted to say that Major White is still alive. I didn't hit him nearly as hard as I hit the others. He's a good soldier. I think he might need some medical attention though. Alvarez is cute, but she plays a bit rough. Henrikson cheated me. Now I'm still hungry. DeWitt was a low-life. I mean seriously, who shoots a girl in the face?? All my wounds will heal over perfectly, but still... Collins was a nice shield and battering ram. I didn't get to know Lars too well. But I hear he's a really good shooter. Had to kill him first, and quickly. Nothing personal. The others weren't that good with their guns." Said Jade.

But of course they were good. There was another reason why the mission failed. Someone switched the team's pure silver-coated bullets, with ones coated with an inferior purity of silver.

"How the Hell does she know all that?! All their names and information!" Shouted Andrews to the General.

None of the members of the assault team were wearing name tags.

"Now you listen to me you little bitch, I'm going to nail your ass to the wall when I get my hands on you!" Screamed the General.

Jade unhooked White's cam, before replying to the General.

"You sound kinky. But I think I'll pass. I don't think I like you."

Jade picked up her Teddy Bear off the ground, next to where White was still unconscious.

"How was THAT, Big Brother?" She asked her Teddy Bear, Fyndir.

"That was great! You really fucked with his mind at the end. He'll BS til he's blue in the face. But he's not going to fuck with us ever again!" Replied Fyndir.

Jade let out a happy, girlish, squeal as she hugged her Teddy Bear. Then she realized her dress was covered in blood... and now so was her Bear.

She frowned a bit.

"It's okay, Sweetie. Let's just head on home." Said Fyndir.

* * * * * * * *

"Hello there little girl." Said Mr. Turner with a smile.

"Very funny Turner." Said the little girl as she changed into Jade The Assassin.

"Sorry Fyndir, but I had to be sure it was you; and not Jade who showed up for our meeting."

"I can take over my sister's body anytime I need to... Such as now, when I'm looking out for her best interests."

"That's very admirable. My brother was the exact opposite." Replied Turner.

"Sorry to hear that."

"Are you ready?" Asked Turner.

"I'm ready. Just hope you didn't bring that 20-questions nurse with you again."

"Don't worry. New nurse this time. Young, but very professional. This one knows her place." Replied Turner.

"What happened to the other one, if you don't me asking."

"Don't worry, we're not monsters." Replied Turner.

Fyndir couldn't help but smile at that comment. Turner signaled to the nurse. She grabbed her bag from the backseat, and walked over. Fyndir raised the sleeve on Jade's left arm. As the nurse felt for a vein, Fyndir waited for her to say something. She never did. Soon, there were two vials full of Jade's blood. The nurse returned to the car, taking the blood samples with her. She waited for Mr. Turner to conclude his business.

Turner handed Fyndir a thick, white, envelope. It contained $3,000.

"We will contact you again, in a couple of weeks... or sooner, if we have information that your sister needs in order to stay safe."

"I must admit, that information you provided us was spot-on. Now why do I feel that you don't have that type of clearance in the government." Said Fyndir.

"I don't. But The Doctor does. He's been very good to me... and to you, and your sister. It's very important to him that certain individuals remain safe and happy."

"He sounds like a cult-leader." Replied Fyndir.

"No. He's a man who earns respect and loyalty." Said Turner with clearly some anger in his voice.

"Well, like you said; he earns it. With me, that's going to take some time."

"Understood. That's only natural." Replied Turner.

"When do I get to meet him?" Asked Fyndir.

"Like you said, Fyndir... Some things take time." Said Turner.

"Do me a favor, see that the General gets this..."

Fyndir handed Turner a large envelope. Inside was a picture of Jade, in her apartment... Still wearing Major White's ear-piece.

"She's decided to go blonde. The pic is mostly for Shits & giggles." Replied Fyndir with a grin.

The Jade Chronicles (1st Chapter).


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2009-06-28 17:27:43

hahahaha best story ever. <3 Jade

Monocrom responds:

Thank you! And yes, <3 Jade. :)


2009-06-28 17:56:25

Thank youuuuuu Monocrom <3

Monocrom responds:

I knew you'd get a kick out of it.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie. You deserve it. ^_^

Much <3


2009-06-30 13:53:19

It must have taken her forever to wax her beard for that photo.

Monocrom responds:

Random pic of Jade that just seemed to fit oh so perfectly. :)


2009-07-12 19:54:48

Please write moar Monocrom <3

Monocrom responds:

Oh Hell Yeah! :)

I was wondering if I should PM you, and ask if you wanted moar!

How silly of me, of course you do. So, more will follow.

Much <3


2009-07-17 04:42:58

Just read it. Sorry it too so long, life has been sort of rough lately. Anyway overall, the story was more action than actual story which is fine if you're a fan of the beat-em-up good ol' fashioned knock-down-drag-out. I can't honestly say I was too into it, but that might be more because of my mood than the actual story. The detail was good, as always, but I guess I just wasn't feeling it. Still, good story.

Monocrom responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism. Sorry to hear things are going a bit rough for you. Jade asked me for more installments. So more will follow.... Some will be more Intellectual Thriller, and a bit less action.